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Help me keep all these plants, Link the Dachshund, and me the person happy and healthy. We moved to Austin, Texas from the Rio Grande Valley in the middle of the pandemic. Just like that. No game plan. No back up plan. Just a good ol' "gotta do this now before I never do" gut feeling and a gung-ho attitude to go-go-go!Ā 

As a result, we're learning a lot as we go... Where Wild Cards Are is my way of setting down roots here but growth is hard work. Unfortunately, I wasn't the best prepared for the snow-pocalypse and since it got so crazy so fast, I lost a lot of good plants šŸ˜”Ā  Ā 

Donations are used towards supplies, treatments,Ā transportation, education, research and development... the list goes on but most importantly, they help with morale. People with great passion can make the impossible happen... but it's easy to feel vulnerable and drained dry in the process... especially when the weather decides toĀ kills all your beautiful plants. Thank you wholeheartedly for your supportĀ to keep on keepin' onĀ  šŸ’•Ā 

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