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  • Alocasia Polly

    The Alocasia Polly is the infamous elephant ear's little brother. The Polly is known as the African Mask Plant due to the beautiful shape and bold leaves. Shaped like giant arrows with...
  • Bag of Tricks Pouch Bag of Tricks Pouch
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    Bag of Tricks Pouch

    This pouch is perfect for grabbing all your essentials on the go! Check for your "phone, wallet, keys and mask" in one while walking out the door with your mini 'bag...
  • Cact-US

    What's better than one cactus?! TWO of 'em! This dynamic duo in a 7 inch pot with drainage hole and hand painted with your design preference  The Triangle Cactus, actually called...
  • Calathea Musaica Calathea Musaica
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    Calathea Musaica

    I don't usually play favorites but.... there's so much to love about the remarkable Calathea Musaica. This tropical masterpiece boasts intricate patterns on gorgeous glossy green leaves earning itself the 'network plant' nickname. Despite being so...
  • Chinese Evergreen

    This gorgeous Chinese evergreen (otherwise known as Aglaonema) is perfect for beginners or otherwise busy people who still want to surround themselves with lush greenery. It’s easy to grow, super...
  • Climbing Aloe Climbing Aloe
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    Climbing Aloe

    Reach for the stars with this cutie! This amazing Aloe Ciliaris more commonly referred to as “Climbing Aloe” is great for beginners as well as small spaces. It's ready to grow in style in...
  • Deco-Cotta Pot Deco-Cotta Pot
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    Deco-Cotta Pot

    hand painted 6" terracotta pots with drainage hole
  • Decorative Pretzel

    Use it as a paperweight or display it in your space just for fun.
  • Digital Savior Prayer Candle Digital Savior Prayer Candle
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    Digital Savior Prayer Candle

    Files are life or death for some of us. With this candle, we pray that we've saved them; we pray that those saved remain free of corruption  The answer to...
  • Haworthia
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    ... and the winner for the best plant for beginner's goes to the spectacular Zebra Haworthia!  Commonly referred to as the Zebra Plant, this baby is as low maintenance as...
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